High quality roof repairs and regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof for years.

Most roofs have a long expected life-span of a few decades however in New Zealand in particular the weather can play a big part in reducing lifespan. Wellington in particular is blessed with wet and wild weather on regular occasions. The big issue with weathering like this is that once moisture in particular gets in, then it can be a rapid downhill road for your roof. Patch repairs are only effective if they genuinely cure the problem and completely stop the ingress of moisture.

Normally you can repair a leaking roof because often the cause relates to flashing and the joints between two parts of your roof – generally between broken tiles or the roof covering and the edge where the roof meets the gutters or chimney. Damaged tiles or torn felt can also be repaired quite easily without you incurring great expense. Where synthetic roof coverings are used however, the overall condition of the material must be assessed. A proper roof assessment by our qualified roofers will let you know how long you can extend the life of your and the cost benefit over a roof replacement.

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